What are the things which we should know before start digital marketing


Almost all business people understand the importance of computerized marketing or digital marketing for their success. Programmatic planning is needed so that you and other business people don't fall into the same mistakes when running computerized marketing.
For this reason, we have provided the steps below before you begin a digital marketing campaign for your business. Come on, have a look below!

1. Pay attention to your business as a whole

Even though you like the business that you do now, try to be honest when you see it as a whole. Successful implementation of digital marketing occurs with rectification in every aspect of your business. Look deeper and try to get if there is indeed a bad product or service and correct the mistake.

2. Improve your customer service

Review the interactions between you and customers on the web and social media. It can be through comments, emails, or telephone calls as well. Even though your business or brand is known to many people, make sure your customer service is consistently done well. Thus, the implementation of digital marketing to the transaction will be consistently carried out properly and smoothly.

3. Check sales and marketing

Where do your customers and sales come from? Are they dating online platforms or even offline? Do you know how many website visits are needed before finally creating leads (prospects) on your website? Except that, how many leads are consumers?
If you find it difficult to find all the answers to these questions, then you can use Google Analytics.

4. Understand your customers

To sell your business on target, you need to understand the people who need your product or service along with the reasons why they should choose your services.

Here are some things to consider when creating a customer profile:
• What are the challenges and problems facing your customers so that they can be helped by your product or service?

• What questions will they ask about the product so that it is difficult to buy?

• What factors support them in doing the transaction?

• Where do they get the news that drives them to trade?

• What can you do with more points than your competition?

5. Realize what you want to achieve

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One thing that is certain is that you want to succeed right now, but how and when can you run it? Plan your main goals in a planned manner so that it will have a great impact on the development of your business in the future.

6. Measure the energy source you have

If this does not mean you should count the number of products stored in the warehouse, but your marketing inventory.

• Content: brochures, catalogs, videos, and other means.

• Expertise and talent: see your employees. Is there anyone suitable to run a digital marketing project? Dat themselves who can write, edit, and design because they are your assets.

• Time: is there anyone who is competent but doesn't have much time on your team? Yes, try to share some of his tasks with others so he can focus on his main task.

7. Educate yourself

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After all, you consistently need knowledge about marketing. Try reading and learning the basics of marketing from various types of sources. See what tactics can be done well before starting your marketing.

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