How to optimize your Site with organic SEO Strategy 2020

Optimize your site with SEO Strategy 2020 to rank faster on search engines like Google, Bing, etc.

Hello readers! In this article we will discuss how we carry out optimization on our SEO, you know! Without further word, let's check below!


Make writing with a minimum content of 500 words or about 1 page of A4 size paper with a space of 1. There is no need to be confused about how to make the text along the way. If the writing is only to fill the dummy blog, so look for writing in English that is similar to your topic, then do the translation into Indonesian Translation. If the writing is applied to the main site or money site, the results of the translation must be changed again so that it is enjoyable for visitors to read. You can also use copy-paste, but duly modified with the system:

  • Delete the first paragraph, and replace it with your own words. Then add a new paragraph at the end of the writing with your own promotional words.
  • Combine copy paste articles from various web sources and make 1 article. Perform regular writing updates, if possible 1 day 1 article. Also, take advantage of tags on WordPress by filling them in keywords.


The safe tactics of anti-Deindex and Sandbox backlinks are: Creating a Contextual Backlink

Contextual backlinks are backlinks that originate from a similar theme from another website. Now, this backlink variety is starting to be talked about because of its positive SEO optimization effect, which means that it makes the web enter page 1 Google safely. Some even argue that the power of 1 contextual backlink is equal to 100 comment backlinks.

There are several systems for creating this type of backlink, which are:

a) Make a free dummy blog

This free blog love like Blogspot / Blogger,,,, and others. Fill these blogs with the same theme with the main web site (money site) and plant a link (backlink) on the main page of the article.

b) Make dummy posts (Guest Posting)

This kind of dummy. We can send posts to other people's web. In the article, we can insert a backlink to our main site. Examples of dummy posting providers are,,, and others. The advantage of applying this type of backlink is because our writing is part of someone else's web, not a subdomain that is considered a new web, so our article is in a stronger position compared to the use of dummy blogs in the form of subdomains.

c) Creating a Private Blog Network (PBN)

PBN is actually a dummy blog too, it's just that PBN applies its own domain and hosting, so it doesn't depend on free blog services. The advantage of PBN is that it is not bound by strict regulations from a blog service so that it is free to fill in any content or writing, and will not disappear as long as the hosting and domain are extended continuously. PBN can be generated by renting your own domain and hosting, of course, requires a large tariff. Or make PBN in a crowd. We can gather people who have blogs that will be devoted to making this PBN, of course with certain prerequisites. Then if a lot of blogs have been collected, therefore each member has the right to submit content/writing to all PBN blog members, where the article can be given a backlink to the main page.

In order for PBN to be of quality, the following prerequisites are worth keeping before registering:
  1. Having a domain that is more than 1 year old.
  2. Having a domain that has a Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA) more than 20.
  3. The domain is still indexed by Google.
  4. Using WordPress self-hosting.

Do not apply auto backlink software directly to the main website

Backlink software such as: GSA Search Engine Ranker, Scrapebox, NoHand SEO, SENuke XCr, may not immediately lead to the main website. Please be guided to a dummy blog that in addition to applying subdomains. So backlink software should not be applied to the main page and dummy blog in the form of a subdomain.

Although other backlink tactics, as long as the manual, such as walking / commenting blogs and others, may be given advice to the main page then.

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