how to change or upload Favicon Logo in Blogger Blogspot site 2020

Follow these 4 steps to upload or change a Favicon logo in blogger Blogspot site 2020

Blogger interface has been updated and the Favicon option not being accessible in the new Blogger interface.

if you aren't using the new blogger interface than it is easy to find out the favicon option in the layout settings. The reason for this is that the Favicon setting is moving from “Layout” to “Settings” on the new Blogger interface, but “Settings” has not yet launched on the new interface.  but, if you are also using a new blogger then you should follow these steps to change or upload new Favicon in your blogger sites.

In order to change your Favicon, you can use the "Back to classic Blogger" at the bottom of the left navigation menu, and then you'll find the Favicon option in the "Layout" menu.
Once "Settings" has launched in the new interface, the Favicon option will be available in the new interface.

Step 1 

open your blogger sites then click on Layout settings option

step 2

scroll down and go "back to classic blogger"

Step 3

here you'll get Favicon option then click on edit and change or upload your favicon.

step 4

make sure 

the logo should be a square image
size should be less than 100 KB
should be a Jpg or jpeg Image formate, PNG won't be supported


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