know about 5 kinds of Youtube ADS Campaign

Know about 5 kinds of Youtube ADS Campaign

YouTube is a platform that can be used for video content makers and filmmakers to display their work. The use of YouTube allows videos or movies that are shown to be watched with truly broad coverage. Not only that, but video pun makers can also get money from YouTube. How to? Content creators can do monetization. Monetization is a method for monetizing video content by allowing advertisers to advertise on their videos. The more viewers and subscribers, the greater the amount of money from advertising.

With YouTube Campaigns, it’s not just YouTubers who enjoy the benefits. Brands and companies can also take advantage of this facility by placing advertisements in popular videos. The Youtube algorithm can determine your ad being watched by the right audience. Therefore, before creating Campaigns on YouTube, first, understand the 5 types of ads on YouTube.

1. Display Campaigns You

see a banner ad next to the video being watched on Youtube? This form of advertising is called Display Ads. Campaigns will be placed to the right of the video and above the list of video recommendations. The ad specifications that can be displayed are 300x250 or 300x60 pixels. Creators earn money when an audience clicks on an ad. Display ads can only appear when accessed via a computer or laptop.

2. Non-skippable video Campaigns

When viewers deserve to get the reality to watch advertisements even more before watching videos. This ad format is called non-skippable Video Campaigns. Ads like this can be placed before, during, or after the video content is playing. Generally, these ads are 15–20 seconds long depending on the standards set by YouTube. Content creators need to think about this ad because it can make viewers not watch video content. This ad format will arise when accessed by computers, notebooks, and also mobile devices. Creators earn money when the ad is watched.

3. Skippable video ads

This form of advertising is the form most often used by advertisers on YouTube. Skippable video Campaigns are video ads that can be passed after watching the first 5 seconds. Like non-skippable video ads, these can appear at the beginning, middle and end of video content. Ads like this can appear on computers, notebooks, mobile devices, glass screens, even game consoles. Content creators will get paid when the ad is watched for 30 seconds or to finish depending on the agreement with the advertiser.

4. Bumper ads

This form of advertising is similar to non-skippable Video Campaigns. The difference is only the duration. Bumper ads only last 6 seconds and must be watched to the end. This ad format is maximized for entrances from mobile devices. Creators will get paid when the ad is watched in its entirety.

5. Midroll ads

Midroll Campaigns or mid-roll ads are forms of advertising similar to glass screen ads. This format can only be applied to video content that is more than 10 minutes long. Ads will be inserted in the video like television ads. Content creators can adjust ad insertion time so that it does not disturb the attention of the audience. This ad only appears on computers, laptops, and mobile devices. For this ad, there are 2 payment variations. If midroll ads are skippable ads, content creators will get paid when the ad is watched for 30 seconds or as a whole. However, if advertisements are calculated according to BPS (Tariff per Thousand Views), creators will get a reward when the viewer watches the ad as a whole.

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