Instagram Ads technique is not known to everyone. Because this feature is still a new feature thrown into the market by Instagram. This feature is specifically intended to help business people who wish to advertise all IG users in the world. With the increase in Instagram users, making this feature really awaited by entrepreneurs.
But because it's still relatively new, not everyone can apply it. Many of these entrepreneurs are even confused when they want to promote their business through Instagram Ads. Therefore, this article will explain in detail, step by step how to use Instagram Ads. Are you ready friends? Let's follow the good things!

1. Terms in Instagram Ads

Before getting to know the technique, it's good to know some important terms in Instagram Ads, which can help you better understand the levels of the method of using it:

a) Business Manager (BM)

BM is a feature on Facebook that is used for advertising. It is stand-alone, that is stand-alone and does not depend on the manufacturer and can be moved. Therefore, 1 Facebook account can have BM more than 1. Besides that BM is also a good standing, it is that 1 BM can load more than 10 ads.

b) Power Editor (PE)

Power Editor is an advertising feature on Facebook that is designed for business people who wish to display many advertisements at the same time. Even though there are many, the control over this advertisement is really accurate.

2. Making things that must be prepared

Before starting to advertise on Instagram Ads, prepare in advance what should be the following:

a) After the account on BM

This is a step that must be done by advertisers on Instagram Ads. For now, you can open the link Make it follow the steps given.

b) After the Ads Manager

This step is done after your BM account is ready. Because the application of Instagram Ads can only be implemented with PE, so you should first learn about this PE.

c) Setting up an Instagram account brand to be advertised.

3. Steps to advertise with Instagram Ads

Making the 3 things above ready, now is the time for you to start the steps to advertise. Follow the following levels:

a) Reopen your BM account. Then add an Instagram account to the BM account. Then, transfer the Instagram Account authority to the Ad Account that has been realized in the BM account.

b) Reopen the PE in the Ad Account that has been authorized to advertise earlier. On the Add Account menu, select "view ad account in power editor".

c) Open PE and you are ready to advertise. In this case, there are 3 types of advertisements offered by Instagram Ads, namely Click to You (CTW), app install, and video views. Doing can choose variations of ads that you like.

4. After Setup all ads features

Make you choose your ad type, the next step is to control all the features of Ads, such as campaign, ads set, and ads. Ad placement on an Instagram newsfeed can be controlled by clicking on Ads Set and editing. Don't forget to choose one of your fan pages, then complete the image and link as advertising material. Make that, your ad is ready to be consumed by everyone in the world.

5. Notes that need to be seen

Making all the steps above completed, an observation also the following notes that you need to observe. The following notes do not affect your advertising, more as an additional understanding of Instagram Ads only:

a) Because IG Ads is a Facebook advertising program, the law even matches Facebook's law, that is, the text area in images does not exceed 20% of all image zones.

b) For online food stalls, it's better to upload pictures of just one type of merchandise. Because if forced together, it will not be approved.

c) Ad Accounts on the Ads Manager in BM can also be changed after a successful ad is posted.

d) Because it's still new and not too crowded, take advantage of this Instagram Ads to promote your merchandise. Expand your consumer network so you can receive multiple benefits first.

e) Financially, the large budget that you generally spend can be suppressed because you shouldn't rely on a large account.


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