Some of the things that are needed to build an incredible website

Making a page does look easy for web programming and page designers. But sometimes it also makes the web look difficult when we don't know what is needed to make an interesting and informative site. So how can we as a page designer can make an attractive and user-friendly site? Here are a few values ​​to note:

1. Domain names

What is the domain? Just like when we look for a place, the first thing we should know is the domicile of the place. Likewise, with the web, sites need a domain name as a guide for people who want to find info. Domain names themselves depend on us who want to have them. We can provide a domain name that deserves our expectations, which means we must fight with millions of other people who use domain names like ours.

2. Web Logo

A site will be known and remembered by visitors when it has its own uniqueness apart from the required content. The logo can be one of the requirements that should be met when you create a website. The logo can help display what page you are managing. In fact, from a logo, visitors can know who we are, because sometimes it is indeed included in the logo of the company name or our name. The bad logo, the logo remains one of the characteristics of a site.

3. Application of text

The use of text or often referred to as typography is one that we love more attention too. Applying appropriate text with our website will increase the value of our website. We should know what text is appropriate for our website. For example, our website is for kids and teens, we can apply cute and cheerful fonts. Even though for company pages, we apply a serious font.

4. The use of color

colors. This important part can not be separated when we create a site. Similar to the text, the color must also be in accordance with the variety and function of our website. We should adjust to the needs and expectations of many people. Especially if such a page is like an online kiosk. It should be adjusted to our target market.

5. Layout

To make an attractive and informative website, we need to know what the design will be like, and want to be applied to what the website is. This helps page designers and developers maximize their website. For an online shop, the layout truly determines the convenience of customers in shopping on our website.

Then, the following are the aspects that are considered in a user-friendly page:

1. Simple navigation and user experience 

when creating the web, considering user experience is very important. By developing this aspect, visitors will feel welcome to visit our website for a long time. Make sure you have clear, easy and simple navigation.

2. Website load time

The load time of our site is also important for user satisfaction aspects. There are no users who want to wait for sites that open too long. Minimizing site load time will make users happier. Keep the web load time as short as possible by controlling videos, photos, flash, and other files.

3. Easy to read and typography

By applying typography that is attractive and clean, we can effectively facilitate implementation and make users happy. Also, if we have long journalistic pieces or articles, be sure to focus on the typography.

4. Ease of application

Being able to make our website work in several browsers, devices, and screen sizes are also important to note. This will help us create a better experience for all our customers and will invite more customers to our page, even if they are mobile users.
Alright, guys! I am enough here first that I can share with friends. If there are other additions, in the future it will definitely be added again. That is all and thank you.


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